Emerging from the vibrant rhythms and energy of Dakar’s hip-hop scene, Natty Jean has been turning heads and capturing hearts with his distinctive style and unparalleled vocal prowess. It wasn’t long before his talents transcended borders, leading to an encounter with the renowned french reggae band, Danakil, in Bamako. This partnership was the beginning of an extraordinary journey, with the collective releasing four studio albums together and mesmerizing audiences across Europe’s most iconic stages.

In 2012, a new chapter began with the release of « Santa Yalla. » Produced by the French reggae/dub maestro, Manjul, this debut solo album was not only a testament to Natty Jean’s raw talent but also hinted at the expansive trajectory his career was set to take. With his subsequent album, « Imagine, » released under the esteemed Baco Records, Natty Jean’s global footprint deepened. This opus was a tapestry of eclectic sounds, featuring collaborations with prominent names, ensuring its mark as a significant milestone in his journey.

Come 2023, fans eagerly await the drop of « Lëpa Lëpp » – Wolof for « butterfly » – a title symbolizing metamorphosis and growth. This third solo endeavor promises an evocative musical voyage, marrying afro roots rhythms, urban vibes, and Caribbean grooves. Natty Jean’s lyrics, often profound and socially conscious, serve as a compass guiding listeners through a melange of global sounds.

Yet, Natty Jean’s evolution isn’t confined to his music alone. Recognizing the importance of autonomy and legacy, 2023 also marks the inception of his record label, SomOne Music. With a vision to harness his international experience for the betterment of budding artists and music professionals, Natty Jean aims to scout fresh talent and be an instrumental force in the rise of a new, powerful African music scene, poised to take the world by storm.

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